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Praise the Lord and God tidings all! IF you want to know more about our This Youth Group and this fundraising play pls visit our Company website at http://encouragementlionsofjudah.webs.com .. Our Next life changing performance " A MOTHER'S PRAYER " GODS CORRECTION is on DEC 21 2013 --- Pls be a support and get a tickets online it is fast simple secure and easy only .44 fee , pls invite people please and do come see the show. It is a fundraiser that goes towards a good cause the better of the Encouragement Lionsof Judah program , if anybody knows me they know that my youth group will go out and perform ministry to the masses and we don't charge a dime for our services and we never get an offering its not about money -- we are doing it for the Glory of God precious Kingdom Building .. I DO THIS BECAUSE I LOVE WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND EDIFYING THE BODY OF CHRIST, PERIOD NOTHING MORE..However when a talent, is giving it is not meant to stay stagnate or the same it is meant to grow like SEED it is to be perfected and presented well it does requires money unfortunate to say , but its a fact , so if you have ever enjoyed seeing the youth do positive things in this community and not walking around stealing your things, violence and cursing you out because , now they are being nurtured into positive lights and role models -- BE HAPPY WITH THE YOUTH THAT ARE DOING WELL DON'T IGNORE WELL DOING AND PLS SHOW SUPPORT -- 111 CHESTNUT STREET @ 5PM Dec 21, 2013 


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